Introductory Tactical Use of the Internet Seminar

If your work leads you to the internet, you will not want to miss this opportunity.

During this one-day seminar you will learn:

Search skills: The candidate is introduced to the difference between reactive and proactive searches. This enables the candidate to better understand how to approach the search and where to go to find the information desired. The session provides the candidate with numerous pitfalls and solutions to searching and gives a starting point even before touching the computer terminal. The session details the attributes of Google and other major search tools and provides a list of recommended Search Engines, recommended Directories and recommended Meta Search Engines.

Domain registrations & whois Information: This session provides the candidate with the tools to retrieve the background information of a website from the Internet. The session details whois searches as well as generic domains and country domains. The session further provides the candidate with recommended sites and explains how to utilize each site. This session exposes the candidate to vital search skills that are often the integral to any search. Included is reverse IP searching, registrant searching, keyword searching within domain data bases, and how to recover historical whois records.

Internet Archives: The session also shows the candidate where to find documents and sites that may disappear from the Internet. This session shows the candidate how to go back in time to see what a website was like in the past. This is vital in allowing a candidate to observe what information suspect websites provided previously that may not be provided currently. Over time, web site information is becoming more protected and scarce, and the archive allows the candidate the opportunity to go back in time and retrieve vital information. It is critical to recover electronic data when identifying a site as questionable.

The Invisible Web or “Deep Web”: The invisible (deep web) is a huge resource for an investigator. It contains a huge quantity of information that is only bound by the imagination of the investigator. In this session the candidate will navigate into areas of the Internet that you may not be aware of, specifically accessing databases that are associated to your search. In this session, the candidate’s curiosity will determine the success of the searches being made.

This seminar is delivered by a leading expert in the on-line investigative community.

Attendees MUST bring their own computer configured for wifi internet access.

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